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PM&A exists to support our clients in building world class infrastructure. Whether it’s designing the foundation and structure of a cell phone tower, or the plumbing and lighting of an office building, we excel in designing what you see and don’t see. Using the same level of attention to detail in every facet our multi-discipline firm offers, we thrive on building, (pun intended), long lasting structures and relationships with our clients.

We continue to enjoy rapid growth since our inception while maintaining our unique corporate culture. We achieve our top notch culture by hiring professionals with the right values and behaviors that PM&A stands by—Freedom and Responsibility.


Andrzej Rabenda

Agnieszka Gawron

Marcin Kożuch

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The success of PM&A is determined by their excellence in operating as a unified team, and it’s our experience, creativity, attention to detail and can-do attitude that makes this possible.


PM&A is a privately held, multi-discipline firm located in Częstochowa, Poland. 

As a provider of engineering, technical and consulting services in the construction industry, our services have been sought after by architectural and construction firms, developers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions of all sizes.


Marta Majchrzak

Anna Włóczyk

Klaudia Błaszczyk

Magdalena Ludwin

Dawid Dziubiński

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