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The Tower Inspection Division of PM&A is up and running!  While currently we are small, we hope to grow fairly quickly and expand to meet our customers’ and PM&A’s needs.  Our group is unique in the fact that we combine the onsite and office portions of site inspections.  We are certified to climb telecommunication towers and rescue others, if issues occur.

We complete these jobs on any kind of tower: Monopoles, Self Support, Guyed, Monopine, Monopalm, Monocactus, Water Tanks, Wood Poles, Buildings (Side and Rooftop).

We also have completed these jobs previously all across the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and abroad.

With all of this information we can produce AutoCAD, Word and Excel reports or even hand drawn sketches.  We also provide an abundance of photos of each site.


Foundation Mapping- detailing the existing foundation dimensions (for structural analysis)

Compound Mapping- detailing the compound for foundation modifications or new carrier equipment

During construction inspections- to determine the cause of any issues during construction

Mount Mappings- detailing current carrier mount, antenna, and coax details (for an antenna audit and run a mount structural analysis)

Concrete installation and rebar installation inspection- verifying the rebar and concrete is installed as detailed in the modification drawings

Line and Antenna Mapping (Appurtenance Mapping)- detailing the location, models, and mount information for all of the antennas, coax, and other appurtenances on the tower (to update current antenna data)

Pre-modification Installation Mapping- to ensure the new modifications will fit before construction

Post modification inspections- third part inspection of the tower modifications after the completion of the modification installation (we will eventually be certified to complete welding inspections as well), this also can include access road inspections with some limitations

TIA Inspection- perform the annual maintenance inspection, including measuring the tensions, twist and plumb of the tower, also providing maintenance recommendations for issues.


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